Helen Sargeant

Helen Sargeant is an artist who makes work about the female body and mothering. Her work aims to communicate emotions directly to an audience by making the personal public. Her ideas are explored through drawing, painting, time-based media, autobiographical writing, performance and installation.

Helen Sargeant is an independent academic, and curator who exhibits her work nationally and internationally, publishes work and talks at conferences. She also collaborates with other artists to research, support, organise and gain funding for projects and exhibitions.

Helen Sargeant is a socially engaged practitioner who delivers projects and workshops within schools and the wider community. Her interest in maternal mental health and wellbeing has resulted in recent workshops exploring  pregnancy, birthing and mothering.

Recent projects and exhibitions include The Egg, the Womb, the Head and the Moon (2013-2014), and M(other) Stories (2015), Project Afterbirth (2015), and Artist As Mother As Artist (2016).

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Helen Sargeant Linden Art Studio Linden Mill Linden Road Hebden Bridge HX7 7DP