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Louise Crosby is an illustrator and printmaker.  She illustrates the poems of Clare Shaw (Bloodaxe). The first series of these were completed as etchings and cumulated in an exhibition entitled Poetry, Prints & Chips at Hebden Bridge Festival in 2007. The collaboration continues but since completing an MA in Digital Image and Media in 2008, the poems are mainly illustrated using digital techniques. These made it easier to illustrate the whole poem as a series of pictures with text and hence became an accidental start to drawing comics. The project was then named Seeing Poetry: Poetry in Words and Comics.

Since this accidental start Louise has found it fascinating to explore the comics art form in more detail. She continues to illustrate Clare’s poems as comics. Seeing Poetry has just received Arts Council Funding. This will enable the reworking of comics to book format and the self publishing of two mini books. Hopefully this will help secure a publisher for a full length poetry comics book. Seeing Poetry will be attending several comics events in 2014 including the The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, and Thought Bubble, Leeds. A website will soon be launched at seeingpoetry.co.uk.

Louise also occasionally illustrates her own writing such as the graphic short story ‘The Chocolates’. She has recently worked in collaboration with a scientist to produce ‘Squashed Tomatoes’ for ‘Asteroid Belter’ a Newcastle Science Comic for 8-13yr olds for the British Science Festival 2013. She now runs Laydeez do Comics Leeds a graphic novel forum with a focus on comic works based on life narrative, the drama of the domestic and the everyday. She also facilitates comics workshops with both children and adults specialising in graphic memoir and illustrating existing literature.

Louise is still a practising printmaker most recently  using photopolymer techniques to explore found patterns and objects. Three of these are included in the Print Council’s 8th International Miniprint Exhibition which is touring the UK in 2013/14. She was Gallery Manager at West Yorkshire Print Workshop from Nov 2009 – Nov 2011. She also completes occasional graphic design work. This included winning a t-shirt design competition to illustrate a Cerys Matthews album which was to be titled ‘Blue Betty ‘The Torrid Affairs of a Reluctant House Keeper’.


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