Sheila Tilmouth

Sheila has undertaken two Arts Council funded projects in recent years. During 2005-6, she was resident artist on an organic farm in Cumbria, documenting seasonal activities over a twelve-month period. In 2009-10, she was resident artist on a conservation project in the Norfolk/Suffolk fens, working with the endangered spider, Dolomedes plantarius. Both projects culminated in touring exhibitions.

Sheila is now focusing on the abundance of wildlife that pass by her garden on the edge of Pennine moorland and is taking a macro look at the birds and bugs that are found there.

Living as a practising artist in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, Sheila is an active member of Lime Press printmaking studios and Linden Art Studio. During her 30-year career she has exhibited extensively across England, working in printmaking, painting and photography.

Sheila studied fine art in London at Hornsey College of Art and Byam Shaw Schools. She was awarded a British Council scholarship which allowed her to study at the Finnish Academy in Helsinki for a year, and visit the Arctic Circle and St Petersburg.





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